Class X AISSE 2016

The School has successfully adopted the CCE pattern proposed by the CBSE Board. This year,546 students took the Exam in Class X and all were declared qualified. 

109* Students showed outstanding performance and secured CGPA  10 in all 5 subjects. 

207 Students were placed between 9 to 10 CGPA (cumulative grade point average) in all 5 main subjects excluding IT.

Age Eligibility Born Between 1 September 2010 TO 31 October 2011.This Already Includes One Month's Relaxation Both On The Upper And Lower Age Limit For registration to class 1.
This is a first of its kind initiative by the city of Meerut in India to facilitate its evolution into a vibrant city. Vibrancy is about a positive energy and a sense of well being that a city exudes. Although we need some government assistance for improved infrastructure, increased employment opportunities and better educational and health services, MCMI is based on the premise that every citizen can become the miracle to transform Meerut into a vibrant city.