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Posted 2020-04-27 02:15:13

Sunday 26 April 2020

Dear Parents

Our greetings to you

Recently, some of the parents called us to say that they are finding it difficult to pay the Fee through Online mode. They have asked if they could pay it Offline through the school Bank.

In our view, On-line payment is quite simple once you learn how to operate it. It is explained step by step on our Website. Also, you can save time and trouble to reach out to the Bank and wait till your turn comes to reach the counter, etc. It will also involve going out which is not really desirable under the ‘Lockdown’.

However, if you decide to come to the Bank to do so, it’s your choice. We will be advising our Bank to give you the Fee Slip in which you will make your entries and settle the payment.

Again, we have made it very clear that for these (April, May, June’20) months, you can pay it on a monthly basis so that it will not be a burden on you. Only if it's affordable, you may pay the first quarter fee to avoid frequent visits to the bank.Hope, you understand our concern.

Our teachers are working hard regularly on E-learning Classes. As per our feedback, the students are responding very well. We request you to join hands with us as we all are undergoing such a critical period.

For further clarification, if any, may contact our Accounts Section on 9927335096 (Mr. Ankur Sharma).

We wish you & your family the best of health and happiness.

Yours sincerely


Your Child’s Principal

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