Awareness Sessions


  • National Convention on ‘Aggression in School Children’ (organised by ICTRC Delhi)
  • Workshop on ‘Spoken English’ (Resource Person: Ms Jyoti Swarup)
  • Workshop on ‘Dyslexia’ at India Islamic Cultural Centre, Delhi
  • Workshop of ‘Problems of Girl Child’ on behalf of the Adolescent Health Committee of FOGSI (The Federation of Obstetric & Gynaecological Socities of India) (Resource Person: Dr. Anshu Jindal)
  • Seminar on ‘Problems of Adolescence’ sponsored by ICSSR (Resource Persons: Prof. Girishwar Mishra and Sh. Bhuvanesh Kumar, IAS)
  • CBSE ‘Capacity Building Programme on CCE’ (Resource Persons: Ms Rachna Swaroop and Ms P Sinha)
  • Workshop on ‘Adolescence Issues for Teachers’ (Resource Person: Dr. Collette Harris, Prof at University of East Anglia, UK)
  • Workshop on ‘Traffic Sense’ (Resource Person: SP Traffic)
  • Workshop on ‘AIDS Awareness’ (Resource Person: Dr. Tung Veer Singh Arya)
  • Workshop on ‘English’ (Resource Person: Ms Gayatri Khanna)
  • Motivational Talk on ‘Joining Indian Army’ (Resource Persons: Maj (Dr) Ankur Sharma and Capt. A S Parihar)
  • Orientation Programme on ‘Career Opportunities in the field of Animation, Video Games and Industrial Design’ (Resource Person: Mr. Hemant Sharma, Regional Head(Delhi), DSK Supinfocom.
  • Workshop on ‘Career Options in the Field of Fashion’ (Resource Persons: Mr. Pranna Baruah and Mrs. Pallavi Chauhan from Pearl Academy of Fashion)
  • Workshop on the ‘Growing Importance of Life Skills Education and its Practical Implications’ conducted by Deptt. of Life Skills Education, Subharti University.
  • Workshop on ‘Career Options in the field of Engineering’ (Resource Persons: Mr. Vikram Singh and Dr.Suresh Malodia from University of Petroleum and energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun.
  • Technical Seminar on ‘Rope Skipping’ (Resource Person: Dr. Vipin Kumar, Gen. Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Rope Skipping Association)
  • Motivational talk on ‘Unconventional Careers’ for students of XII (Resource Person: Mr. Vikrant Jawala)
  • Workshop on ‘First Aid’ (Resource Person: Dr. Gunjan Kapoor)
  • Workshop on ‘Government Guidelines on Child Abuse and Exploitation in Schools’ by Centre for Career Development (CCD), Delhi (Resource Persons: Mr. Shashank Shekhar, Member of Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights(DCPCR) and Mr. Jitin Chawla, eminent career counsellor
  • Workshop on ‘Parenting Skills for Socio-academic Problems in Children’ (Resource Person: Dr. Ravindran)
  • ‘Career Counselling’ session (Resource Person: Mr. Jitin Chawla, renowned career counsellor)
  • Orientation Programme by Defence Services (Resource Persons: Col. Rajveer Singh and Lt. Pushib Randhawa)
Mental illnesses affect 19% of the adult population, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children each year. People suffering from such afflictions could be living anywhere around you.
Proud moment for Dewan Public School, Meerut Cantt as four of its students have qualified the prestigious NEET EXAMINATION held on 13 September 2020.