School Terms

I to II

There will be six cycles of assessment of both scholastics and co scholastics. These will be inclusive of projects, worksheets and class response including orals, spread over the year.

III to X

The units will cover both the scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas through projects, assignments, practicals and activities including class response. There will be Two Terminal Assessment i.e. one at the end of Term-I (in September) and the other at the end of Term II (In March). In addition to these, there will be 2 Unit assessments in each term as per schedule in the school calendar.


In all there will be four examinations as per given schedule


Mid-Term-I         (May)

Term-I                (Sept)

Mid-Term-II        (Nov)

Term-II               (Feb)


Pre-Qualifying   (May)

Qualifying-I       (Sept)

Qualifying-II      (Nov)

Pre Board          (Dec & Jan)

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Proud moment for Dewan Public School, Meerut Cantt as four of its students have qualified the prestigious NEET EXAMINATION held on 13 September 2020.