Scheme Of Studies

I – II                English, Hindi, Maths 

III – V              English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental Studies

VI – VIII          English, Hindi, French, Sanskrit, Artificial Intelligence, Maths, General Science, Social Science.

IX – X              English, Hindi/French/Sanskrit/Artificial Intelligence, Maths, Science & Technology, Social Science. IT.

XI –XII            English Compulsory + Three Electives

Science :         Physics, Chemistry, Maths / Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Commerce :    Accounts, Business Studies, Economics

Humanities:    Political Science, Geography, Economics, Sociology, History, Psychology.





Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Informatics Practices.

Fine Art/ Fashion Studies/ Home Science/ Entrepreneurship/ Physical Education/ Music.


In all, school offers as many as 21 Electives giving the students a wide option to choose from.