Annual Day



The Junior Wing of Dewan Public School celebrated Spandan 2019 –  a cultural extravaganza with glitz and glory on November 17. The day was ushered in with an array of scintillating musical performances, coupled with a dance drama, brought alive on stage by 800 students decked up in colourful attires oozing contagious energy. Barira, Vedika and Afifa of class III added to the charm of the evening with their cutesy compering.

The event unfolded with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by MAN KI VEENA --a Welcome Song by the students of classes II - IV. AAVAHAN – the Ganesh Vandana presented by the students of class IV was the customary Invocation Dance that won all hearts. The School Director extended a warm welcome and formally introduced the new Principal Mr A K Dubey  to the gathering.

If FOOT LOOSE – the Dance Performance by the students of class I ignited the hearts, NAARI EK SHAKTI-- the Dance Drama left all awestruck wherein the budding artists mesmerized them with their dynamic yet poised dances, in synchrony with musical rhythm and momentum showcasing the strength and power of  a woman. .DHWANI TARANG – the Fusion Dance by students of class II brought the culture of states like Assam, UK and Gujarat blended in a perfect sync. Because God could not be everywhere, He created a Mother whose lifelong commitment towards her family, particularly children. cannot be summed up in words. Presenting an Ode to Motherhood, the staff members of the Junior Wing came up with a scintillating melody –AISI HOTI HAI MAA. Formation of hands in the captivating THOUSAND VIBES left the audience wonderstruck.

The vote of thanks was proposed by the Wing Coordinator Ms Manishi Vats and the spectrum of Spandan came to an end with the Grand Finale – TICK TICK, powerfully conveying the message of harmful after effects of using polythene. Singing of the National Anthem brought the curtains down on celebrations of Day 3. 

The collaborative efforts of the students and their teacher mentors received wholesome appreciation from all quarters. 


The day when stepped forward 700 plus students from IX-XII to make the city go crazy with them witnessing, living, breathing myriad emotions through a galaxy of dance drama, song, dance, skit etc. The tastefully done up school décor added to the glitz and glamour of the evening.

The event started with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp – the eternal symbol of divinity, knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. The School Director Sh. H M Rout threw light on the school achievements of the past few years and also formally introduced the new school Principal Mr A K Dubey to the gathering. Henceforth, began the unending fun, frolic, celebration and gaiety. The School Choir burst into a melodic fury with the WELCOME SONG to set the ball rolling. AAVAHAN – the Invocation Dance transported the audience into a spiritual realm and had them yearning for more. AAROGYAM – the Yoga Show was an attempt to imbibe the realisation how Yoga is an invaluable gift of our country’s ancient tradition. The well-coordinated recitation of shlokas in perfect synchronisation with asanas set the temperatures soaring. SHRINGAR ABHINAY – the scintillating Kathak dance performance was enough to bedazzle the audience. NAARI EK SHAKTI – the Dance Drama had the budding artists mesmerizing the gathering with their dynamic yet poised portrayal of several characters showcasing the strength and power of a woman through an amalgam of histrionics and dance. IBADAT – the Sufi Dance --to see the dancing students spinning their bodies in repetitive circles trying to establish a rapport with the Divine was a visual treat. GANDHI – EK VICHAR made the audience agree no less that Gandhi – the legend is only dead in body not in spirit. The takeaway from the play was simple yet impactful 'गांधी इस देश से नहीं, यह देश गांधी से है।' RESONANCE – the gleaming faces coupled with extraordinary dancing in this Contemporary Dance invited great applause.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms Roma Ranjan, the Coordinator. All good things come to an end. It was time to call quits but not without sending the adrenaline rush rising and how!! GRAND FINALE – a blend of indo- fusion, western and bhangra had the audience clamouring for more. The environs reverberated with whistles, claps, hoots, catcalls and finally with the singing of National Anthem it was time to draw curtains on celebrations of Day 2.


Middle Wing

Dewan Public School, came together to mesmerize one and all with one sparkling performance after the other. The occasion was SPANDAN 2019 celebrated with an unprecedented frenzy and fanfare on November 15 in the school premises most elegantly decorated for the evening. The programme started with the traditional lighting of the lamp followed by a PLEDGE SONG making an appeal to save the environment. The perfect rendition of the song struck a chord with the audience right from the word go. The School Director Sh. H M Rout extended a formal welcome to the gathering and also introduced the new Principal Mr A K Dubey.

ARADHNA – The Shiv Stuti made everyone marvel at the level of preparedness of the students. FATHER, more often than not, is the Unsung Hero of a Family. His devotion and commitment towards the family largely go unnoticed. The pain of a father at never getting his due was brilliantly brought alive in a skit making several eyes watering up in the aisles. RIWAYAT – the perfect mingling of Kathak and Sufi saw many not only humming the song but also gently tapping their feet. NAARI EK SHAKTI-- the Dance Drama left all awestruck wherein the budding artists mesmerized them with their dynamic yet poised dances, in synchrony with musical rhythm and momentum showcasing the strength and power of  a woman. Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. AAROGYAM -- the Yoga Show had the students demonstrating various asanas with a deeply moving recitation of shlokas thus embodying the unity of mind and body, a holistic approach to health and well-being. 

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms Rammu Sharma, the Middle Wing Coordinator, followed by DHAROHAR—the Grand Finale, a perfect commixture of Tribal, Bengali, Rajasthani and Punjabi dances potent enough to leave the audience in a trance.

Singing of the National Anthem marked an end to celebrations of Day 1 thereby bringing a well deserved appreciation for as many as 700 participants and their teacher mentors.