Special Mention


All of 16, Swastik Sawhney shows the prodigy he is!

He comes up with an intriguing novel bringing out the complexities of relations and emotions through the intertwined past of four characters who are friends. Since past has its own way of retracing its steps into the present, what happens when these four friends - Aisha, Karan, Vanya and Sahil come together under the same roof after a prolonged gap. With this coming unfolds an engrossing tale of love, deceit, jealousy, infidelity, suspicion etc etc etc.The entangled lives of these four unravel the deep rooted conflicts that lay within the deep recesses of human mind.

It's indeed a moment of pride for the school and his parents. We, at Dewan, pray that this may only be a humble beginning for him and that he may go places in future.

100% Attendance Award
They withstood the harshest of days, whether it was the scorching summer heat or chilly winter mornings. Be it thunderstorms or rains, they did not let the challenging weather to defeat them from attending the school.Hats off to these determined children and their parents!The school honoured 75 such students from classes   IV – VIII who got 100% attendance in the academic session 2018-19 in a special school assembly.They were given trophies by our honourable Director Mr. H. M Rout, who congratulated them and motivated all others to follow their footsteps.

Mental illnesses affect 19% of the adult population, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children each year. People suffering from such afflictions could be living anywhere around you.
Proud moment for Dewan Public School, Meerut Cantt as four of its students have qualified the prestigious NEET EXAMINATION held on 13 September 2020.