Message from the Head of the School

We, the educators, stand at the crossroads today with a tremendous explosion of knowledge and technology, we are also witnessing a serious deterioration of values. And, this is exactly what makes our job all the more cardinal and exacting.

With an influx of digital education, new learning opportunities and re- engineering of social values and culture, we understand that we are living the renaissance of technology and in such a state, technology and education system cannot be kept apart.

The post- coronavirus lockdown world is set to carry with it several challenges and adjustments as to how we functioned earlier. Schools will be one of the key areas to be impacted. Considering that children will have to be prepared for future problem solving, creativity and decision- making will be the fore- runners.

Dewan’s pedagogy is committed to transform the school into a vibrant knowledge society. It aims to make learning more holistic, flexible and multidisciplinary. It is devoted to equip each child meet the 21st century needs.

Let’s join hands. Remember: Parents, students and school authorities are a team- always around to complement each other’s efforts.