School appreciates that community life is strengthened when occasions and festivals are celebrated together. It makes our children understand our composite culture and value the concept of Unity in Diversity.

These celebrations are featured through Special Assemblies, Cultural Programmes, and theme based Competitions etc.

In addition to National Days, school celebrates Childern’s Day,Teachers’ Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, Id-ul-Fiter, Christmas,Gurupurab etc.


2020 has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for us – the teachers – be it personally or professionally. Nothing has come easy for us so far. But this soul stirring video makes us forget all the silliness that goes on in the classes and say just this – God Bless You Dears!! For Making Us Believe in Ourselves and Falling in Love with Teaching All Over Once Again.

Thanks For this Emotional Voyage!!!



During the cycle of ‘FIT INDIA WEEK’ celebrations, as initiated by CBSE,  the students of class VIII became part of Satvik  Aahaar Abhiyan and resolved to give up junk food, street food, oily food etc, at least for a day. Their tiffin for the day comprised items like ‘POHA’, UTTAPAM’, ‘PORRIDGE’, ’SPROUTS’, 'FRUIT CHAT', 'IDLI' etc. The delicacies were not only nutritious but also wholesome. The idea behind this exercise was to inculcate among children a love, respect and acceptance for home made food and also imbibe habits of cleanliness and hygiene in their lives and the school succeeded in achieving these to a great extent.


As an endeavour to reinforce our obligation towards upholding the constitutional ideals and values thus contributing to nation building, the school conducted a Special Assembly to celebrate the 5th Constitution Day on November 26. 
The Preamble was read out and the students were reminded of their Fundamental Duties as laid out in Article 51 A of the Constitution.

Diwali Celebration

The air around is so festive that the students of class I and II could not resist themselves without being untouched. The students of class I turned out as the master chefs of Dewan Public today i.e. on 23 October 2019.
They displayed their culinary skills by making few dishes like tricolor sandwiches, fruit salad and bhelpuri. It was a mouth watering day for them. They shared their dishes and exchanged Diwali wishes with each other. On the other hand class II students made beautiful bandhanwars out of ribbons, mirrors, flowers etc. to decorate their houses and classes during this festival. Both the classes presented their prepared items before the Director Sh. H.M. Rout and the Principal Mr. A.K. Dubey and won their hearts with their preparations.