Inter House Activities

Today’s Generation is a slave to social media

An Inter House English Debate was organised in the school on a topic most relevant in contemporary times: Today’s Generation is a Slave to Social Media. The preparedness of the participants enlivened the proceedings and made everyone marvel at their oratory skills.

Rabindra House won the first position followed by Jawahar, Gandhi and Bhagat House at second, third and fourth position respectively.


25 November 2019

The day, 25 November 2019 began with an exciting fervour for the tiny tots of classes III and IV when they witnessed a jaw-dropping elocution competition showcasing the noteworthy topics of today:-

For Class III – “All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

For Class IV – “Reality Shows for kids have taken their innocence away.”

All the participants proved their mettle and left the judges spellbound with their impeccable views.

Creative Fiesta

An Inter House Competition 'Creative Fiesta' was organised at DMA, Meerut under the aegis of Pearl Academy. The school teams comprising 40 students won positions of merit in various categories like : Slam Poetry (3rd), Calendar Making (3rd), How Strong You Stand (2nd), Short Film Making (3rd), Fashion is Contagious (3rd) and Capture the Emotions (3rd).

The School is Proud of Them!! 

Wheels On the Run

The students of classes VII –VIII brought creativity to a new level by beautifully transforming old scooter tyres into outstanding decor items that later adorned the walls of the school lobby. The efforts of the students were highly appreciated by all.

An Inter-House English Debate was held in the School for classes IX -X. The topics for the debate were ‘ Technology is Making Us Dumb’ for Group 1 and 3 and ‘Technological Advancement is Leading to Unemployment' for Group 2 and 4. Debaters from each house debated excellently in favour and against the motion. The audience applauded each one of them as they kept forth their arguments with great confidence and aplomb. The contestants were judged on content, expression and fluency. The question answer session at the end of the competition, superbly carried out by the senior students, saw the debaters rising to the challenge to prove their arguments. It was an erudite experience for both the participants as well as the other students. Jawahar House emerged the winner followed by Gandhi, Rabindra and Bhagat House.

Organic Fest

Home science group of Dewan Public School, Westend Road, Meerut organised an ‘Organic Fest’ on the theme “THINK GLOBALLY, EAT LOCALLY”.  

The main focus was healthy eating habits among adolescents. Delicious dishes from different cuisines were prepared by students which were not only palatable but also high in nutrition.

Adding to this importance of herbs was explained by the students under the heading of   ‘INDIAN RASOI’.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations

‘A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instil love for learning’

To thank their lovely teachers, three special assemblies were conducted by Junior, Middle and Senior Wing students on 3rd, 4th and 5th September respectively. These assemblies were a tribute to the love, affection, dedication, perseverance, diligence and sincerity of the teachers who devote a lifetime shaping these impressionable minds grow into men and women of substance tomorrow. They were marked by poem recitals, songs, dances, games etc. to make the days memorable.

The school gave a warm send-off to its outgoing Principal Sh. H M Rout and welcomed its new Principal Mr A K Dubey who took all by with a light yet very engaging and inspiring address. Mr Rout thanked all the teachers for their contribution and support all these years in helping the School grow from strength to strength. The day came to an end with a delectable lunch hosted by the school.


The middle school observed the HINDI WEEK to mark celebrations for the HINDI DIWAS from 9 to 14 September. Different activities were held for various age groups.


The little wonders of classes III-IV amazed the audience with their outstanding poetic renditions.

Rabindra House stole the show and bagged the first prize followed by Gandhi and Bhagat house on the second and the third positions respectively.


The budding orators of classes V-VI participated in the declamation competition on the topics-

“Mata-Pita evam Adhyapak hamare shubhchintak hote hain.”

“Atmvishwas baccho ko safalta ke aur agrasar karta hai.”

The First position was shared by Rabindra and Jawahar House. Gandhi house secured the second place followed by Bhagat house on the third place.


The audience was awestruck to see our exuberant debaters indulged in a heated war of words on the topic-

“Vidhyarthi ka dohra vyaktitv unke bhawishya ko andhkarmain bana raha hai.”

Rabindra house was declared the winner. Jawahar house stood second followed by Bhagat House and Gandhi House on the third and the fourth position respectively.



An Inter – House activity ‘Chaupal’ was organised for students of IX & X on 13 September to celebrate ‘Hindi Diwas’. The school got to witness some amazing histrionics on diverse issues like ‘Girl Education’, ‘Social Media’, ‘Cast Your Vote’ and ‘Moral Values’. The school principal appreciated the participants and their teacher mentors for their efforts in sensitizing the students about the nuances of human life. Rabindra house bagged the much coveted first position followed by Jawahar, Bhagat and Gandhi at second, third and fourth position respectively. 

Paint the Canvas

Inter house ‘Paint the Canvas’ competition was organised for students of 9 to 12 on 9 September 2019. The participants brought the canvases alive on themes like Dignity of Labour, Civic Sense, Unity in Diversity and Live and Let Live. Rabindra House emerged the winner. Gandhi and Jawahar House shared the second position while Bhagat was placed at the third position.

Mobile on the Run

There’s no denying the fact that mobile phone has become the orbit around which revolves the life of a teenager. Thus, the School decided to test the technical wizardry of the students of XI-XII through an Inter-House competition ‘Mobile on the Run’ on   30 August 2019 . Eachhouse was given a different theme like ‘Pushkar Mela’, ‘Nauchandi Mela’, ‘Trade Fair’ and ‘World Book Fair’. They were asked to prepare a documentary on their respective theme using links from sources like You-Tube and then compiling them into an integrated whole. Each  house proved to be one up on the other and made all marvel with their sheer technical brilliance. However, Jawahar House won hands down for its presentation on ‘World Book Fair’.